Prismatic Build – Mataiodoxia exotic chestpiece

Today we introduce a powerful Warlock build centered around the new Exotic chest armor Mato Deia. This build excels in stunning Champions, reducing damage output of large targets, and locking down entire rooms with incredible ability uptime. Primarily designed for PvE, it also has some utility in PvP. Let’s dive into the details of this build and how you can master it.

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Build Philosophy

This build is tailored for activities where you need to perform specific tasks in confined spaces, such as raids and the Pale Heart activities. Whether it’s pinging plates to create resonance at precise moments or managing a room full of enemies, this build provides three core functions:

  1. Elemental Debuffs: Consistently apply debuffs to enemies within a wide radius.
  2. Survivability: Maintain high health to keep you in the fight without seeking cover.
  3. Ability Uptime: Ensure all your abilities recharge quickly, creating a self-sustaining loop.

Building the Mataiodoxia exotic chestpiece requires a 1970+ power level, if you don’t have a 1970+ power level you can buy Power Boost to quickly get to that level.

Key Components

Exotic Armor: Mato Deia
Perk: Stylosis – Damaging targets with Arcane Needle adds a suspending detonation when defeated. Landing multiple Arcane Needles on the same target triggers a larger and more powerful detonation. Defeating suspended targets grants melee energy, and your Arcane Needles are strong against Barrier Champions.


  • Primary: Rufus’s Fury with enhanced Pugilist and Paracausal Affinity.
  • Secondary: Indebted Kindness with Volt Shot.
  • Heavy: Queenbreaker’s Bow or Scintillation (Strand Linear Fusion).

Mods and Perks

  • Bond: Two Outreach mods for melee energy on class ability use.
  • Boots: Invigoration mod for melee energy on Orb of Power pickup.
  • Helmet: Strand Siphon mod to create Orbs of Power, and Hands-On for super energy on melee kills.

Abilities and Aspects

  • Super: Needle Storm or Nova Bomb.
  • Class Ability: Phoenix Dive.
  • Movement: Burst Glide.
  • Melee: Arcane Needle.
  • Grenade: Healing Grenade, used to deploy Bleak Watcher turrets for room control.


  1. Facet of Devotion: Defeating debuffed targets grants light Transcendence energy.
  2. Facet of Hope: Class ability recharges faster with an elemental buff (Devour).
  3. Facet of Purpose: Picking up an Orb of Power grants Woven Mail.
  4. Facet of Solitude: Precision hits emit severing blasts while Transcendent.
  5. Facet of Balance: Rapidly defeating targets with light damage grants melee energy; rapid darkness final blows grant grenade energy.

Gameplay Loop

  1. Elemental Debuffs: Use Arcane Needles and Rufus’s Fury to debuff and suspend enemies.
  2. Health and Survivability: Maintain Devour by getting ability kills, which refreshes health and cooldowns.
  3. Ability Uptime: Generate melee and grenade energy through various mods and fragments, ensuring constant availability of abilities. Champion Stun Mechanics
  • Barrier Champions: One Arcane Needle stuns them.
  • Unstoppable Champions: Use the sidearm with Unstoppable mod (Indebted Kindness).
  • Overload Champions: Jolting them with Volt Shot (Indebted Kindness) stuns them. Artifact Mods
  1. Elemental Siphon: Generate Tangles from Rufus kills.
  2. Threaded Blast: Tangle destruction causes larger explosions.
  3. Shield Crush: Faster melee recharge and increased damage with Woven Mail or void overshields. PvP Utility

While this build is primarily for PvE, it can be amusing and effective in PvP. The ability to suspend and detonate enemies can turn the tide in tight situations.