The outstanding FFXIV changes with patch2.1

The official patch notes have been released for Final Fantasy xiv’s 2.1 A realm Awoken update ,the patch notes are long and convoluted .In order to make it easier to understand, we will highlight some of the biggest and unanticipated changes featured in the release of patch2.1. Let’s dig in !

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Free company housing is ridiculious expensive

The biggest takeaway from the notes is that the Free company housing is absurdly expensive
If you happen to be on a legacy server, you can expect to pay 20-40 million gil for the smallest house on lowest class of land. While prices do decay, for some reason the basement on prices has been set at 50% of the posted cost above. After 90 days, the cheapest house will still run 10-20 million gil!. There are many problems with this approch

• Many players belong to small Free Companies. A 10-person Free Company would not be able to afford a house on a legacy server without each player contributing millions of gil each.
• Many players of large Free Companies do not want to contribute the large quantities of gil required to purchase a larger house. While players may be willing to front a large amount of gil for a tight-knit Free Company, asking each player of a 100-person Free Company to front a few million gil to buy a large house is not realistic.
• Players want their houses now and tend to be impatient

PvP Gear Is Really Good, But May Take Forever To Get
Players can get a sneak peak on the PvP gear by using the lodestone’s item database, There are three tiers of PvP gear: item level 55 (comparable to 1 star crafted gear), item level 70 (comparable to Darklight gear), and item level 90 equipment (on par with Allagan & Tomestone of Mythology gear). The item level 90 gear is very good.
PvP gear replaces one of the secondary stats (i.e. skill speed, accuracy, etc.) with a new stat called Morale. Morale increases damage dealt to other players and reduces incoming damage from other players, so it is a great stat for PvP. The PvP gear also tends to lean heavily towards Vitality and Critical Hit Rate, two great stats for PvP.

Crystal Tower: One Drop Per Lockout

The Crystal Tower is a new 24-man raid being introduced with patch 2.1. While the details of this dungeon have been covered in great detail, one new interesting tidbit from the patch notes is that players will be limited to 1 loot drop per run, even with greed rolls. I suspect this is in place to prevent players from rolling on everything, but you will certainly have to think twice about rolling “greed” on an item from this dungeon if you want a particular drop that comes from a later boss.

More Gil Introduced to the System

The amount of gil flowing into servers will increase, theoretically helping to cause inflation or at least reduce deflation (on legacy servers). This should increase the cost of goods and services, making it easier for players to make gil via farming and reducing the impact of repairs and teleportation on players’ gil reserves

How do u feel about the new patch ?