Fallout 76 One-Handed Melee Weapons Guide

Choosing the right weapon is crucial in the wasteland world of Fallout 76. Players love one-handed melee weapons because of their fast attack speed and high flexibility. fallout 76 buy weapons improve your combat effectiveness so that you are invincible and unstoppable. This article details what one-handed melee weapons are in Fallout 76, as well as their features and benefits.

Weapon Name
Attribute Description
BatonSimple and practical, suitable for beginners, low damage but easy to operate.
ShovelSlow attack speed but good striking power, can also be used for digging.
WrenchMulti-functional tool, suitable for repairs and melee attacks, moderate attack speed.
AxeHigh damage, slow attack speed, suitable for dealing heavy blows.
Lead PipeSimple but effective, suitable for use in resource-scarce situations.
Burning Skate BladeProvides normal melee weapon damage with additional burning damage.
Chinese Officer SwordFast attack speed, moderate damage, balanced melee weapon.
Combat KnifeVery fast attack speed, suitable for quick melee attacks.
Cultist BladeUnique appearance and attack effects, suitable for special occasions.
RipperContinuous damage weapon, can deal a lot of damage in a short time.
Revolutionary SwordHigh damage and historical background, a classic one-handed melee weapon.
Serrated Mesh BladeHigh attack speed and excellent cutting ability, suitable for quick melee.
SwitchbladeSmall and flexible, very fast attack speed, ideal for close combat.

Notable One-Handed Melee Weapons

Among these one-handed melee weapons, the following are particularly well-known:

  • Revolutionary Sword: Known for its high damage and historical background, it is a preferred weapon for many players.
  • Serrated Mesh Blade: Popular for its fast attack speed and excellent cutting ability.
  • Switchblade: Renowned for its extremely fast attack speed and flexibility, making it ideal for close combat.
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Legendary and Major Attributes

One-handed melee weapons can gain the following legendary attributes to increase damage output:

  • Bloody
  • Junkie’s
  • Swing Speed

These attributes can significantly enhance the weapon’s combat effectiveness, making them more effective in battle.

Advantages and Usage Tips

Although one-handed melee weapons have lower base damage, their fast attack speed and mobility make them ideal for close-quarters combat. When paired with the right perk cards and legendary equipment, one-handed melee builds can become a very powerful damage-dealing strategy.

  • Quick Attacks: Utilize the weapon’s high attack speed to deal substantial damage before the enemy can react.
  • Flexible Movement: Keep moving to avoid enemy attacks while finding opportunities to strike.
  • Perk Card Combination: Choose suitable perk cards to enhance the weapon’s attack power and durability.
  • Legendary Attributes: Seek out weapons with powerful legendary attributes to further boost combat effectiveness.

One-handed melee weapons in Fallout 76 are highly favored for their fast attack speed and flexibility. By choosing the right weapons and pairing them with appropriate perk cards and legendary attributes, you can gain a significant advantage in combat. These weapons perform excellently in various combat scenarios, making them an essential choice for melee enthusiasts. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand and use one-handed melee weapons, enhancing your gaming experience.