What do you think of the Final Fantasy XIV Power Leveling

ff14 power lwveling

Before this time, we have discussed the power leveling, however, it mainly referred to the brief introduction. Well, we would like to start a trip of discussion about the FF14 power leveling.

As far as I am concerned, it just seems like some of these fates need to be tuned a bit – whether it be respawn time, exp gained, or adjustments to actual fate contribution. It also deters many people from ever doing any sort of instancing or guildhests more than one time to get the first-time exp bonus. To put it bluntly, it just seems way to the easy mode, which I guess the current mmo world has become accustomed to. It breeds a lot of level 50 characters who know nothing actually playing their character; which normally would be gradually learned on their own leveling up.

One of the editors added that if you are good at doing the hunting logs and quests, I believe you can still slightly level better than doing straight fate grinding; but the real benefit comes from not having such a monotonous experience. For anyone doing the fate route, I highly recommend at least doing some of your main quest line. I’m not big in to lore normally, but this game does it pretty masterfully.

In the current time, after doing some experience chaining, you can go to 2-3 other zones and get yourself the entire way to 50 without doing anything but following around the mass of people and hitting. No side quests, no main story, no class quests, no gear upgrades.