New guides you are bound to be interested of FFXIV ARR

As the game updated yet, guides must have been updated accordingly. We currently share the new gil guides with you who are crazy about the hot net game, and it may work in your playing.

The brand new ffxiv gil guide is designed to help players maximize their amount of gil they can earn per hour. Below is the rough introduction of the guide.

Gil is the major currency of Final Fantasy XIV. Gil is perhaps more important in FFXIV than in any other mmorpg as players can purchase practically anything in-game using the currency. Since gil is so valuable in FFXIV, enterprising high-level adventurers will often act as mercenaries to carry new players through the game’s difficult encounters.

ff14 gil guide

To help players make as much gil as whenever they need in the game, the purpose of the new ffxiv gil guide is to provide players with reliable methods, from the most expensive material to mercenary services provided by other players. In order to accomplish this goal, the gil guide covers both solo farming, group farming, and crafting options to provide players with a wide variety of methods for making gil.

Except that, the most beneficial methods to make for every profession will be found out. Not only are that, but full sheets for each profession are provided detailing the ideal number of items to list for every Market Board slot in-game. However, even players who do not want to take up crafting can expect to make more than enough gil from the farming guide alone.