Continue the theme of the FFXIV that we break off

As we can see in the title of the article, we will continue to discuss the ffxiv. And it mainly refers to the class guide of the game.

To most of the players, they may be familiar with the ff14 class guides, however, in the discussion we will start soon, you can appreciate the solo play guide. While soloing you’re going to want to take caution of a few things.

ff14 class guide

Firstly, while you’re very hearty, your damage isn’t anything at all like a Lancer. So you’re going to be a slight disadvantage on speed. However, when it comes to FATEs you’re more than qualified to actually tank the enemy and save the day.

Even though there isn’t much other than unleashing your combo on an enemy, waiting for it to die, then rinse and repeat. I didn’t find anything special while leveling my Marauder other than the ease in which you’ll survive.

A lot of your actions don’t shine during solo play because you won’t get close to dying except when you have a couple of enemies on you and even then that’s more of an accident then on purpose. You’ll usually want to take most things one enemy at a time.

You’ll draw their attention rather easily and be in a situation where you’re tanking other’s enemies.Since a lot of your abilities cause enmity you’ll want to be a bit careful with overpower when a lot of enemies are around.