A Comprehensive Beginners Guide To Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go took the mobile gaming world by storm back and quickly became the hottest mobile game! In order to help some new players get the best experience, this article primarily looks at the best tips and tricks to get started!

Build Dice Stack

Monopoly Go Dice Rolls play a crucial part in the game. Without them, players cannot play or progress. From bonus multipliers to special power-ups, these dice are guaranteed to take your Monopoly game to the next level. Unfortunately, most players are unaware of some straightforward ways of collecting dice rolls to keep gameplay moving forward. Players can check out the following methods to ensure they always have a steady supply of dice rolls as they aim to take over the board:

Visit the daily shop every eight hours claim your free dice gift, and check for free dice links. You’ll get to about 1,000 dice quickly.
Completing sticker sets will give you a good boost of dice. The first eight sets can all be completed with one, two or three-star stickers.
There’s nothing better than a sweet reward sitting at the end of each milestone. Monopoly GO recognizes this and gives rewards to players who progress. Most of the net worth milestones grant players free Dice.

Watch Your Multiplier

Once you’ve accumulated a lot of dice, the last thing you want to do is blow them all too quickly either via the high roller or just using a multiplier that is too big for the number of dice you have in your account.

For the main account which currently has 45,000 dice, generally use x50, or if have little time or am having a good run, use x100.
For a new account that is sitting at around 4,000 dice, use either x10 or x20. x10 is better, but again, if pushed for time, use an x20.
If you have 1,000 – 2,000 dice, the ideal multiplier to use would be x5 or x10, any higher and you risk hitting a bad spell of rolls and running out of dice before you even realize what’s happened.

Pick Some Events

Now you have a decent-sized dice stack, you are ready to work on your dice management! Here are a few tips when it comes to picking which events you play as a beginner in order to conserve your dice.

The best time to play Monopoly Go is when there are three events in progress at the same time. There are always two events running; a banner event which is the one listed in the front and center of the game board and a tournament, which is one of the icons on the right of the game. But at certain times there are special events running at the same time, giving your three events that you can win points and rewards for every single throw, instead of just two. So while it is preferable to throw more dice while there are three events running, you also have to consider flash boost events. These change every day and can give a massive boost to all players, especially to new accounts.
Boost Events will allow you to get more cash from bank heists while this boost is active. You can get a lot more game cash this way. Then it’s a matter of when to spend it. Look out for the Wheel Boost event. During this event, you get an extra roll for every color set completed. Color sets are completed after you get hotels on all landmarks on a set.
Wheel spins are a great way to build up stickers, you can get green, yellow, pink, or blue sticker packs from the wheel. Land on the green vault for a chance to get two packs with a mix of any two of the packs just mentioned. Do this when the wheel boost event is on and you can soon see how these packs can stack up if you complete enough landmarks.

Check The Rewards Lists

For every event on Monopoly Go, there is a rewards list, you can find the rewards list for all of the latest events on Monopoly Go, by heading to our daily events schedule, and then clicking the links that will take you to the specific events for today. This way you can manage how far you want to play an event for example stopping at a milestone that gives you dice or a sticker pack that you are looking for.

Complete More Sticker Sets

Once you have a decent-sized dice stack and know how the events work you can start to look out for more opportunities to get the high-value sticker packs. The easiest way is to complete the Quick Wins. Every Monday a new set of quick wins is generated, these are three daily events and you’ll need to complete 20 out of 21 of these in order to the get final reward which could even be a wild sticker or purple sticker pack depending on the week.

Completing the album every season is the target because of the large free dice reward you can get, which really does set you up well for the next season as long as you can hold onto those dice with good dice management technique by the time the next season comes around.

Again, U4gm is the best place to buy Monopoly Go Stickers to complete more sets, 100% legal. You can also use code “Mods” for 5% extra off.

Opening the Vault

Vaults are special reward boxes that you can open if you have a certain amount of stars. In the current format of the game, there are three vaults to choose from as follows:

Orange Vault – 250 Stars. Contains 170-230 free dice rolls and one three-star pink sticker pack
Blue Vault – 500 Stars. Contains 300-420 free dice rolls and one four-star blue sticker pack
Pink/Gold Vault – 800 Stars. Contains 425-575 free dice rolls, one four-star blue sticker pack, and two five-star purple sticker packs

The most important thing to remember about vaults is to only buy the most expensive ones. There is so much more value in the pink/gold 800-star vault than the others. But Ideally, you should wait until there is a Sticker Boom event in play to get 50% more than the usual amount of stickers too.

Trading Stickers

Trading stickers in Monopoly Go can be a fun way to interact with other players and get the stickers you need to boost your game. But how to trade stickers that maximize profits? To change your Monopoly Go Stickers, you just need to follow a few simple steps. It’s like having a power-up in your hands!

Know the Value of Your Stickers: Before trading, understand well how rare and valuable your stickers are. Don’t give them away for nothing!
Find Exchange Partners: This is the social moment of the game. Join social media groups or online communities Monopoly Go to find other players who are willing to trade.
Trade like a Pro: Communication is key! Talk to your exchange partners and Reach an agreement that benefits both. Remember, diplomacy can take you far!
Make the Exchange: Once you have agreed, follow the in-game instructions to make the exchange. Make sure you understand the terms of the game to make legitimate and safe trades.

It ends here. Was this article helpful? Please let us know in the comment below! Best of Luck!