How Many Bosses Are in Lies of P?

How Many Bosses Are in Lies of P?

Lies of P is a recently released game similar to Souls with many powerful bosses; after we buy Lies of P Accounts, we need to face the powerful bosses in this game. How many bosses are there in Lies of P? Let’s take a look at the bosses in this game.

How Many Bosses Are in Lies of P?

Lies of P is a challenging Soulslike game that features a lot of bosses to take on. The game has a total of 25 bosses, made up of compulsory opponents and optional fights. Among them, 11 of them are optional, meaning you don’t have to defeat them to progress through the main story. Each boss requires a unique strategy to take them down and acquire their specialized loot. The bosses are divided into fully-fledged bosses and mini-bosses.

The boss list in Lies of P

Here is a list of all the bosses in Lies of P in order of appearance from start to finish, along with each boss fight’s location and if it’s optional:

  • Parade Master – Station Plaza – No
  • Mad Donkey – Alchemist Bridge – No
  • Scrapped Watchman – Krat City Hall – No
  • Survivor – Venigni Works Control Room – Yes
  • Puppet of the Future – Venigni Works Culvert – Yes
  • King’s Flame, Fuoco – Venigni Works – No
  • The Atoned – Optional
  • Fallen Archbishop Andreus – Optional
  • Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood – Optional
  • Romeo, King of Puppets – Main
  • Champion Victor – Main
  • Puppet-Devouring Green Monster – Main
  • Corrupted Parade Master – Main
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood – Main
  • The Specter – Optional
  • The Mad Clown Puppet – Optional
  • The Scarecrow – Optional
  • The King of Puppets – Optional
  • The Puppeteer – Optional
  • The Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo – Optional
  • The Golden Ergo – Optional
  • The Twisted Angel’s Ergo – Optional
  • The Fallen Archbishop – Optional
  • The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood – Optional
  • Simon Manus – Final Boss

In conclusion, Lies of P has 25 bosses, with 11 being optional. To defeat these bosses, we need to learn some unique strategies that will make it easier for us to proceed in the game. When we defeat these bosses, we will be able to get a lot of loot in this game, which will help us to become more powerful.

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