Diablo 4 Barbarian S1 Build: Harnessing the Power of HOTA

The Diablo 4 universe is vast and intricate, with players constantly seeking the most potent builds to conquer their foes. One such build that has gained immense popularity, especially among Barbarian players, is the HOTA (Hammer of the Ancients) build. Despite various game updates and nerfs, the HOTA build remains a formidable choice for Barbarians.

Understanding the HOTA Build
The HOTA build, known for its sheer power and speed, primarily revolves around the Barbarian’s ability to triple shout and stun enemies. This allows the Barbarian to slam their hammer into the ground, dealing colossal damage to large mobs of monsters. The build’s essence is its speed, enabling players to move swiftly across the battlefield, stunning and smashing foes with ease, allowing you to get a better Diablo 4 boost.

Gear Recommendations
Audacity: Essential for stunning mobs when surrounded by five or more enemies.
Numbing Wrath: Provides fortify for every point of fury generated.
Hammer of the Ancients Quakes Outwards: While not mandatory, this gear piece can amplify damage.
Disobedience & Ghost Walkers: These enhance armor and movement speed, respectively.
Limitless Rage: A two-handed Diablo 4 items skill that boosts core skill up to 60%.
Retribution: Amplifies damage against stunned enemies.
Edge Masters: Increases damage when smashing at max fury.

Key Abilities and Skills
Lunging Strike: A foundational skill, with two points allocated to it. However, there’s potential to experiment with the ‘Flay’ ability for its bleeding effect.
Hammer of the Ancients: The core of the HOTA build. Investing in this skill amplifies damage, especially when smashing with maximum fury.
Defensive Abilities: These include ‘Rallying Cry’ for initial fury and regeneration, ‘Challenging Shout’ for debuffing enemies and fury regeneration, and ‘Ground Stomp’ for stunning large mobs.
War Cry: A crucial ability for berserking and gaining a significant damage buff.
Booming Shout & Guttural Yell: These shouts enhance the build’s duration and provide damage reduction, respectively.

The Ultimate Guide to the Strongest Barbarian Build in Diablo 4

The HOTA build for Barbarians in Diablo 4 remains a top-tier choice for players looking for a blend of power, speed, and efficiency. While the game’s dynamics may change with updates, the essence of the HOTA build, with its stunning and smashing capabilities, ensures its place in the Barbarian’s arsenal.