FIFA 20 Fake Shot On the Wing

So, as U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Sellers talked about in our extensive skill move section, the fake shot is very, very useful. Especially since the downgrade of a couple of skill moves’ effectiveness, more people will turn to others to try and beat their opponents. Using the fake shot, on the wing (and you can take this into other areas of the pitch, once perfected) will change the way you play the game and make you so much harder to defend against. U4GM promise!


So, using the diagram below, we’ll explain why this is so effective AND, more importantly, how to do it. As you can see in the picture, when you roll the ball from your full-back to a winger, you can quickly turn the full-back and be away into space behind. A quick reminder of how to do the fake shot on receiving the ball is shown below:

Fake shot – First touch (2*)
□ + × Must be Pressed Before the Ball Reaches the Player who is going to receive it, then press LEFT stick in the desired direction of the turn.
So, on the diagram, you would pass the ball and, as your winger is moving towards the ball you would do the fake shot by powering up the Shot (or lobbed/cross button) and then the pass, however, you must change the direction so when the fake shot is done, they take the ball away in the course and the defender has to turn and you leave them for dead.

□ + × Then ↗ If you were want to turn inside, rather than down the wing, then you would do the following:
□ + × then ↓


TIP: Try experimenting with holding L2/LT when receiving the ball, especially the heel to heel version. It looks great and can lead to some great looking goals.