FFXIV: Yoshida Inevitably Came Up Was A Mention Of A Nintendo Switch Port


The team of Final Fantasy XIV is already hard at work on the third expansion for FFXIV, following 2015’s Heavensward and this year’s Stormblood. Even if Final Fantasy XIV has simpler rules than Frontline, it feels a little less linear than its older sibling, you don’t necessarily have to join your team in pushing down lanes. FFXIV update 4.15, bringing the game’s first all-new PVP mode since The Feast. Are you crazy about buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil?

Final Fantasy XIV

The game is great fun to play, and brought a new kind of excitement to players. Based on Final Fantasy XIV update 4.15, Rival Wings pits two teams of 24 players against each other, along with a host of highly stylised machine – vehicles that look like the mechs from the Alexander raid series. Square Enix still wants to bring Final Fantasy XIV to the Switch, the only requirement for the game to reach the console is that everyone can play in the same world.

Naoki Yoshida talked about the game in the recent, one of the things that inevitably came up was a mention of a Nintendo Switch port as Yoshida says he wants to make the game available to as many people as possible. He said:” I’m an MMORPG gamer, I’d love to play with many people globally, and we’ve been talking to those platforms about getting it on their hardware.

Even though the hardware might be different, they will be playing in the same world – it has to have cross server function. That’s something that’s at the core of Final Fantasy XIV, so we’d want to keep that as a policy. According to Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy XIV is a pretty gameplay and this is certainly well deserved, considering that Final Fantasy XIV is arguably the best MMORPG on the market nowadays. You must strive to get more details from here, view more at here.