FFXIV’s Rival Wings Fashion Will Make You Participate In A Sacred Battle

The forthcoming FFXIV Patch 4.15, the update will introduce a new large-scale PvP mode, Rival Wings, which will prop up match 24 vs 24. Players will be split into two teams, Falcons and Ravens, with the goal of destroying the enemy core. The ability to use powerful mechs, minions and even a steam cannon approaches a lot in this mode to a real MOBA. Don’t miss out the chance of buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil.


In the new update, you will find some images of the new update, which show the configuration of the arenas, team and some fights. For Final Fantasy XIV the Continental Circus is set to return to Eorzea for new All Saints’ Wake festivities, in an event known as “All Saints” Wake: All the Twelveswood Trembles at the Howl of the Moon”. Players will be able to meet a traveler from a distant land, and find out why he has ventured such a long way.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Rival Wings Fashion will make you participate in a sacred battle.This PvP mode will give you the opportunity to participate in fairly large battles, gathering up to 48 users. You will have the choice to fight one of two teams: Falcons and Ravens. To win, nothing too complicated. The team will break the opposing defense, and destroy the two towers that protect the “heart” enemy, to finally annihilate the latter.

Square Enix has also shared some captures, so that players can enjoy a small preview, click for source. In future patches and reviews these musical interpretations will be allowed with a wider range of instruments. Beyond specifying when version 4.15 will be available and detailing certain aspects that have not been previously published, leaving behind the alternative form of play, there will be an option for the bards to play melodies that are created with real notes with their harps.