Final Fantasy XIV: How To Celebrate The Upcoming The Halloween

Over the years, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood has several events to celebrate major holidays. As we know, the Halloween is coming, and new patch 4.11 is planned for launch on October 24th, previously, the patch 4.1 revealed new content and details, this time, players have higher expectation for this upcoming patch 4.11. Detailed information on the full patch notes can be found here.

Final Fantasy XIV

The previous patch 4.1 is frankly massive in scope, we saw the patch accompanied by 24 hour maintenance. The patch includes the new housing district, Shirogane, will open up to buyers, Shinry is getting an extreme version, we get our first 24-player alliance raid, and new dungeons. Plus a decent bit of new story content both for the MSQ and for the zany Hildibrand questline.

However, the game’s housing system is a disaster, hardly doing the standard other parts of the game have set for it any justice. Some players are charging upwards of more Final Fantasy XIV Gil just to relinquish the land for a large Shirogane home. While players are only allowed one personal house per character, it’s still possible to buy a house for a free company and a personal home.

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