Final Fantasy XIV Update Patch 3.55a And A Realm Reborn

When it comes to the original Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG, it undergone widespread criticism for poor quality, it was called a black spot in the history of the beloved Final Fantasy game franchise. However, Yoshida was given the unenviable task of fixing one of the greatest failures in Square Enix’s history. For cheap Gil on sale, such as Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.


While developing a brand new MMORPG from the ground up to succeed it, Yoshida guarantee that simultaneously creat content for the original Final Fantasy XIV, the result was Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, launched in August 2013, a streamlined MMO that has been praised for its solid gameplay and numerous quality of life features.

The new is scheduled to be released next week, at the same time, the new update patch is tagged as patch 3.55a and is slated to be released on Feb 28. The update patch is given the name 3.55a because the “FFXIV” development team has discovered a bug in a new raid within Diadem. This is why patch 3.55a will be followed a week after by “FFXIV” patch 3.55b that is scheduled to be released between March 7-14. More Final Fantasy XIV information, you can head over to

In addition, Yoshida will be speaking with the development team to implement the character creation option, particularly for more body options that fans of the game wanted to have. However, no timeline have been mentioned as to when the option will be released or if the feature will really be considered.

The RPG director and producer will also talk to the “Final Fantasy XIV” team for the possibility of developing rhythm games and implement it in the Gold Saucer. Also, the “FF14” development team reportedly wants to implement features that will further emphasize the racial identities of the character, this may include race-specific hairstyles. More and more gamers are tend to FFXIV Power Leveling.