Final Fantasy XIV Majorly Improvement: Second Major Expansion

Due to relaunch a realm reborn in 2013, hence, Final Fantasy XIV as one of the best massively multiplayer role-playing games going, and it was popular by on all over the world, but, when we look back on orginal 2010 release, poor performance, shoddy lighting effects and nightmarish copy-pasted landscapes that made the relaunch necessary in the first place.


However, are you excited for nowly Final Fantasy XIV? from previously until now,Final Fantasy made a great improvement, Final Fantasy XIV is releasing its second major expansion, Stormblood, early Summer 2017. According currently FFXIV fan fest, Game Director Naoki Yoshida announced Version 4.0 and a variety of coming changes.

Are you extremely expected? the battle system of FFXIV will be revamped by Square Enix, meantime, including overhauling the skill system, in order to changed current one doesn’t accommodate all of the actions high-level characters must do. Yoshida said: “We’re regrouping and recategorizing skills so they’re categorized as roles rather than jobs.”