Millions of FIFA Coins Stolen from Famous YouTubers


In the past two weeks, some rampant hackers have been stealing millions upon millions of FIFA Coins. Interestingly, they have not just targeted random players; more than 10 famous YouTubers have been hacked.

Some of the more famous ones among them are AnesonGib, W2S, Nepenthez, Nick28T, Bateson87 and Matthdgamer who rake in millions of views each week while talking about videogames. If combined, they have about five million subscribers.

Fans of the game would know how valuable FIFA Coins can be since they are purchasable with real money; but that was not all what they lost. The hackers have reportedly deleted multiple expensive players from their games as well.

Matthdgamer claims that Cristiano Ronaldo (valued at about £800) was erased from his game.

While it is not clear how all this happened, some speculations suggest that the hackers were able to exploit EA’s customer services by using the recovery options to get the accounts transferred to their own names.

FIFA Coins are valuable, but if this continues people might lose even more precious items – it might be the right time to put an extra layer of security over your accounts.

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