The detailed explanation of Knight occupation raiders in FFXIV

Knight employment agency. Knight is advanced fencers career, in the sand and have learned professional fencer reaches at least 30, while in the forest have learned after Mesmer profession and got at least 15, you can be both fencers line in the sand Advanced task received after the completion of the Knights get professional crystal, will switch to a professional fencer and equipment will be switched into the crystal knight.


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Because the shared class is basic vocational and advanced professional, so switching to the level equal to the fencer Knight rank, not from a start weight training.

When fencer 1,5,10,15,20,25,30 level occupational tasks can be received at the fencer row, every five balls in Cleveland strengths can complete the transfer after receiving occupational tasks. Completed vocational task can get a lot of important skills that will be described below.

The hands of the sword – we have weapons. First, even strokes system. Final Fantasy XIV combo system is a special skill in melee cycle mechanism, within a certain time after the use of certain skills and then use the corresponding even move, then this combo skills will get special effects,

Second, combat skills, spells and abilities. Final Fantasy XIV The skill into combat skills, spells and abilities into three categories, which share a set of combat skills and spells basis for 2.5s of GCD, and has cast shake after a certain length. GCD not affect the ability class skills, the ability to not interrupt class skills batter. Interspersed in the batter process does not destroy the ability of the current skill combos state; and combat skills and spells are based on the specific circumstances, in most cases, they will destroy the batter status.