The detailed explanation of Knight occupation raiders II in FFXIV

Third, the skills loop. Hatred skills. The most basic cycle knights, and soldiers have different and even hatred even two injury-free circulation, under which a knight in most cases only cycle, and anger comes with three sections to reduce the effect of the war goddess target forces, in a sense from to a certain injury-free results. Fighting in most cases you should use this cycle. Require extra attention that three segments war goddess amazing hatred, we must pay special attention to their hatred.


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Another way to even move pioneer sword, only two segments. Under the power of the sword batter slightly riots rage sword, but no additional bonus of hatred, and because there is no third, so this does not even move the role of hatred, but the use of the effect of the riots batter sword back to blue.

Before 50 Knights only way to pull the group, spells class skills, mana. With the sword back to the blue batter riots in the group to pull the flash-free brain. 20 After the acquisition of 12 seconds can cause blindness strengthening effect on all affected targets to reduce the monster hits, played a little role in reducing injuries. It is worth mentioning that the flash does not interrupt the batter effect, you can rest assured that the process used in the batter.

Single control skills, 150 power comes with 3 seconds coma after 36 reinforced for six seconds, and no CD. Knights of the most important control skills, but also low-level copy of the most important skills to interrupt. Note that the 2 points: First, Shield Slam will interrupt second batter, shield fierce combat skills are skills, and other war surgery techniques shared GCD, if you want to interrupt, please leave a note in advance GCD.