How the cross-class skills to help you get ffxiv gil

ffxiv shiva

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn isn’t the only MMORPG with multiple classes. However, it’s one of the few that lets players use skills across different classes. Even better, this system requires no FFXIV Gil. If you have a multi-classed character on your FFXIV account, then read on.

When you unlock your second class, your character will gain its first Cross-Class skill slot. Every ten levels afterwards, you will be given a new slot. These slots are free and don’t require FFXIV Gil to unlock. Of course, only Cross-Class skills can be used in them.

Not all skills can be shared. That’s one thing to remember with the multi-class system. Each has specific Cross-Class skills that are unlocked as you level up. Only these skills can be shared to your other classes. Traits also cannot be shared. In fact, Cross-Class skills that are affected by Traits will only have their base effects active if you use them. Another limitation for Cross-Class skills involves Jobs. For specialized classes, only Cross-Class skills from the three related normal classes can be used. Again, no FFXIV items or FFXIV Gil is needed to unlock these skills, or use them on a different class. Enjoy your skills!