How to Make Use of Linkshell Communication in FFXIV


If you’re feeling lonely in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and want to chat with other players then Linkshells are for you. It’s cheap (as in zero FFXIV Gil) and easy to set up. Even better, you don’t have to commit to it unlike a Free Company. Find out more below.

You can create a Linkshell by simply heading to an Adventurers’ Guild in one of the three main cities and talking to the appropriate NPC. You will then be asked to name your Linkshell (31 characters max.) and choose a two-colored crest. There are no FFXIV Gil fees to pay, level requirements, or FFXIV items needed. Even a level one character on a new FFXIV account can make a Linkshell.

Linkshells can have a maximum of 128 members. Additionally, players can join up to eight Linkshells. Like in the creation process, joining a Linkshell does not require FFXIV Gil. You can chat in a Linkshell by using the “/L#” before your message. Note that # is the number of the Linkshell you want to connect to. Finally, Linkshell text is green. Enjoy chatting!