Easy ffxiv gil making tips without crafting

ffxiv gil

So, you’re running low on gil and you don’t want to bother with crafting? Don’t worry, it’s totally possible to get by or even get rich without crafting. These are the four easiest way to earn ffxiv gil without leveling a craft.Let’s dig in now !

1. Harvest shards.
Level one botany or mining can harvest shards for crafting. It’s boring but you don’t need to level anything to do it. Most shard sell for 60-100 on my server and you can get around 500 per hour going at a moderate speed.

2. Farm for monster drops used by crafters.
There are some items I’ve needed for weaver that are just really pricey but a lot of crafters don’t want to be out killing monsters. Some of the best things to farm would be.

– Fleece from the sheep outside Camp Dragonhead. They sell for 500-700 per fleece on my server. These are fairly camped though, so try to go in off times.
– Snurble Tufts from the golden furbles in the high level area in the same zone as Camp Drybone. These are around 500 each. There is almost no competition here so if you’re a high enough level to kill them, they’re awesome.
– Diremite webs. You can only get these from banemites. They sell super fast for around 400 gil each on cactuar and they monsters are under level 30.
– Skins for leatherworking. Aldgoat, raptor, hypogryph, toad, and boar skins all well really well and for a good price. Check the market board on your server to decide which are worth it.

3. Spiritbond crafting gear.
You could spritbond other gear, but crafting materia sells the best and for the most. But I thought we weren’t crafting? We aren’t! Pick it up from the various merchants that sell the gear and wear it on your battle class. Kill monsters for chains or do fates in that gear so you’ll level up while spiritbonding. Don’t do this in dungeons though, it’s not fair to the other members.

4. Sell dungeon gear.
Not all dungeon gear is sellable but some green gear is. Specifically the green gear from the first three dungeons is all sellable. Try not to be rude and take the gear from people who will use it but greeding gear to sell is totally okay. Personally I would consider it rude to press need on gear you plan to sell. The low level dungeon gear sells for about 10k a piece but high level dungeons have gear that can sell for up to 100k!

If it doesn’t say untradeable on the green gear you should be able to trade it as long as you don’t wear it and use it first.So, get out there and make some gil now!