Secret Tips for Making Fast FFXIV Gil

 ffxiv gil

All Final Fantasy XIV players want to own as much FFXIV Gil as they can,but how can they make FFXIV Gil quickly?Today we brought you 3 secret tips for making FFXIV Gil fast.

Tip one:Crystal digging:Crystal is all the material required for the manufacture of goods, three kinds of medium and small, small crystal five miners or gardening can be dug huge demand.Conditions: The main occupation 10 other occupations before inauguration Pros: digging speed is certainly not selling fast .Cons: even more boring than the two options

Tip two: Dig one-star material: To a certain property value reaches the full level after the miners and gardening can be collected rare materials, manufacturing a variety of senior Department of the necessary materials formulations. Refreshed once every 72 minutes, four greatest demand for the dark iron ore, gold, raw cocoon and spruce logs. Conditions: The property up to a certain standard Pros: zero cost, high demand, high prices
Disadvantages: output is limited, and because of the low threshold will result in a price war rapidly falling prices

Tip three: Manufacture and sale one-star material.With a choice of four one four star material produced by a star material . Conditions: blacksmith / armor division / carved metalworking / leather worker / Tailor / Woodworking 50 recipes, required to achieve the properties required.Advantages: high demand, high prices (HQ prices according to market demand at least twice as NQ). Disadvantages: property requirements, the current version can not guarantee 100% of HQ . Above are the secret tips brought you by,wish you enjoy it!