Blacksmith Leveling Guide on FFXIV

Blacksmithing is one of the more painful professions to level in FFXIV, but this leveling guide will make hitting 50 as a Blacksmith much easier. Blacksmith tends to be more expensive than some of the other professions due to the large number of ingredients required to make some of the quest turn-ins.

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While everyone should level up their Blacksmith to at least level 15 for Ingenuity, note that hitting 50 to unlock Ingenuity II is not a necessary cross-class skill. The only reason to level up Blacksmith to 50 is to have access to more melds and to make high-level Blacksmith recipes.Leveling can be made faster by taking advantage of the following 4 features:

Engineering Manual II:The quartermaster for your Grand Company sells Engineering Manuals that offer up to 40,000 bonus experience points over 2 hours. You get 50% bonus experience points on all crafts (but not leves) and it adds up quickly. It is particularly effective for low level players. Once you hit level 30, it starts to lose its charm and is not really worth using anymore.

Food:Food provides 3% bonus experience points. While this is not a lot, food is cheap enough that you might as well keep it active. A little bonus Control will also help you level faster. I like to use Raw Oysters for this purpose; they are cheap, provide some bonus control, and give you the 3% bonus you need.

High Level Mainhand & Offhand:By far most of your crafting stats are provided on the mainhand and offhand, so try to keep these up to date. You do not need to keep replacing your armor every few levels; just a few times during the entire leveling process is plenty. Get a set around level 20, a set around level 30, and a set around level 40. Note that there is a level 40 high quality set available from the Grand Company quartermaster that makes leveling to 50 a breeze.

High Quality Items:Maximizing the quality score during crafting attempts results in increased experience points. Note that turning in high quality items for leves will provide you with extra experience as well. If you are running out of leve allowances, taking advantage of turning in high quality items for leves can help make those limited leve allowances go a bit further.

In my opinion, the fastest way to level any profession in FFXIV is to craft items until you reach level 20 and then switch to repeatable leves. Repeatable leves allow you to turn the required items in up to three times, getting the full quest reward with each turn-in.Leves before level 20 generally are not worth it. While you can turn in regular leve items at 15 and perhaps save a tiny bit of time versus crafting, unless you are leve capped, this is not worth it. You will need the Iron Ingots anyway to make level 20 leve turn-in items. If you are limited on leves, you might want to grind all the way to level 25 or even 30 to help conserve leve allowances.

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