Four FFXIV Culinarian Leveling Guide

As time presses on Final Fantasy XIV,the Culinarian becomes a more and more appealing profession for making FFXIV gil.While the gear,reagents and materials produced by other professions decline in demand and value over time,there remains a consistent demand for HQ end-game food.As more players find themselves at max level and with expendable income,they turn to Culinarian goods to boost their stats as this is one area they can not max out from dungeon drops!

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FFXIV Strategy

In this FFXIV Culinarian leveling guide, you will discover the fastest and cheapest methods for taking your Culinarian to level 50. We will start with leveling tips, move on to repeatable leve locations, and finally discuss grinding options.There are four specific tips you should know for speeding up the leveling process in Final Fantasy 14. These tips apply to any craft.

1.Higher Quality, More Experience
As you are crafting, you will notice that increasing the “quality” measure in your crafts will give you a higher chance to make a high quality item. However, getting a high quality score on items that provide experience will also provide you with bonus experience. This bonus experience can be several times the normal experience offered by completing a craft. As a result, maxing out the quality during your crafting attempts makes leveling any craft much cheaper.

2.Engineering Manual II Makes Low Levels Faster
At your Grand Company’s Quartermaster, you can buy an Engineering Manual II which grants the user up to 40,000 maximum bonus by increasing base experience points earned by 50%. If crafting an item normally brought in 1000 experience points, crafting it with the Engineering Manual II active would make that total 1500 points, with 500 bonus being earned. Since you can earn up to 40,000 off of one manual, you could collect this bonus for up to 80 crafts using this example.

This item does not scale with level, but also has no minimum level. It is incredible when using with a level 1 character, still excellent for levels 11-20, decent from 20-29, then quite poor from levels 30 and beyond. At that point, the bonus often does not even last a full level, making it an inconvenience for its cost rather than a bonus.

3.Use Food
Food provides 3% bonus experience points while active and also can be used to increase crafting stats. Do not spend too much here though as the crafting bonuses are minor. I like to use Raw Oysters just because they seem to be available for next to nothing. If you follow this guide, you will only need a few dozen at most to get all the way from 1-50 as a Culinarian.

4.Primary and Secondary Tools Trump Gear
Finally ,you should know that when u are gearing your Culinarian,your most important items to upgrade regularly are your frying pan and your Culinarian knife.The armor and jewelry slots do not need to be upgraded nearly as much ,say ,once every 10-20 levels.I leveled all of my professions with just two to three gear sets total on the way to 50.You can always buy yourself a set of end-game gear once u hit level 50.