What is your preference about the coming ffxiv patch 2.1

Hey, its getting to feel like christmas around here! these days we had a discussion with our ffxiv gil buyers about the ffxiv 2.1 patch ,here are 2 questions i am wondering about .

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FFXIV 2.1 discussion

1.what is your most excited for about patch 2.1? If there was one thing about the patch that u would highlight as the one thing you can’t wait to try out , what would it be? Crystal Tower? FC Housing ? PvP? or The Return of Hildibrand

2. If you could add one more tweak, change or addition to the game in 2.1, what would it be?


Most participator hold the idea as following :
1). I’m most excited for PvP to be honest. I’m really looking forward to housing, and more content, and more story quests, etc. etc. etc. But, I just can’t wait to try out the PvP in this game to see if it’s something I’d be interested in pursuing.

2). I’d add Thief as a new class. The number of jobs/classes in this game I think is fine for now, but dagger-weilding thieves really add character to a game for me. I love those glass cannon rapscalions!


There still some voted for CT just because they want to see how the CT manage to scale up the sections of the instance that will actually involve all 24 players, but really it’s the variety of the new stuff they’re adding. Might have been FC housing,

One change or addition, they thought that is kind of silly, but they would remove (or at least replace) the Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil stage of A Relic Reborn. I know people think this quest is “too easy compared to FFXI” anyway or whatever, but this is a seriously anti-climactic end to the quest after beating Titan.


A small number of voted FC Housing, just because the majority of their excitement and enjoyment so far has been based around their involvement with the FC, and they’ve made quite the effort to save up for it — some of them sacrificed getting their DL and being able to progress on the main for a bit.

So what is your preference ?