Useful ways for u to level up your ffxiv charactor

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can do a variety of things to level up their characters. Some would rather do quests while others will simply just join FATE encounters, which is like the World Event in this game


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One of the fastest ways to level up your characters in Final Fantasy XIV is to go through FATE encounters that respawn every minute or so at every location in the game. For the most part, people that grind for FATEs are the ones who are leveling up their second job since they most likely have exhausted all the available quests. One of the added bonuses when players are leveling their second or third job is that they get bonus experience points, which makes them level up even faster.


Those who are on their first job, we highly suggest to go through the quest and enjoy the game. Simply grinding mindlessly to get to the level cap is not something we recommend. Only do FATE quests when there are no available quests at your level. One of the problems we found in the game is that those who mindlessly grind for FATEs are the ones who doesn’t know how to play their character.

Okay, here are the recommended locations:

Level 1-12
Horizon in Western Thanalan (Thanalan)

Level 13-20
Aleport in Western La Noscea (La Noscea)

Level 21-30
Quarrymill in South Shroud (Black Shroud)

Level 31-42
Dragonhead in Coerthas Central Highlands (Coerthas)

Level 43-46
Mor Dhona

Level 47-50
Ceruleum Processing Plant in Northern Nathalan (Thanalan)
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