Professional attack strategy, get high level ! welcome to

Every trade has its master. I think all of your gamers want to be a master in game , today we will let u win at the starting line and introduce u the game careers and work systerm

ffxiv gil high skills
ffxiv gil

Once  u start to play the ffxiv gil,  first u need creat a character for the game, when creating characters, you have 8 options. Unlike other MMO, professional level cap to level 50, if you choose a began to upgrade, you can choose another kind of direct conversion professional upgrade. .

Before you want to change careers, you must complete the professional series of primary tutoring tasks. When you finish coaching task, with the corresponding NPC dialogue, and put on some weapons and items, your professional conversion is done. It May have level limit,    the majority of people predict the level is 15.

The following is about the careers in the game :

:Archer (bow, long-range attacks)

: Gladiator (sword, tank type)

: Holding the spear (spear, perimeter attack)

: The predator (double axes and melee attacks)

: Gladiator (gloves, melee attacks)

: Hermetic division (books, summoning a pet)

: Mage (wand, attack and auxiliary magic)

: Spell division (staves, attack and weaken the magic)

Helpful hints, if you are up to a very high level, and then want to change a profession, after complete the task with NPC dialogue, new class level becomes a level 1. Waiting for you to switch back to original professional, original class level will be remained

So what are u waiting now friend ? come on just join the game and happy gaming !