What they have done proved unwise

The announcement that SE published a couple days ago seemed brought a fiercely controversy. In the announcement, banning players with great amount Final Fantasy XIV gils was referred, which is probably unwise. Here are some views of the players.

For example, one of the participants of the controversy named Cocoa expressed his dissatisfy with the announcement straightforwardly. He said like this, I have no idea what SE is doing, nobody knows. This is all just speculation. Someone can easily say, “SE only banned me because I have so much gil! I earned it all legit!” Kinda reminds me of when my younger brother was banned from that Toon Town game for using a hack.

ffxiv arr gils

He swore up and down that he didn’t, but of course I found out he did after doing some research on easy to find hacks and finding them on his computer in the default download path lol. I’m not saying whether SE is or isn’t banning based on gil. I’m just saying it’s very easy to make a claim to look innocent.

It is surely that there are some people who are favor of the decision. For example, one of the participants said, it’s easy to say you are innocent since only SE has the technical proof. In addition, I think it is retarded to say SE bans people based on gil number while they actually have any data they need to trace the source of gil.

Here, we just showed two distinct views on the issue, and views vary in the meantime. It is necessary that things need to be improved currently.