VanaFest 2010 FFXIV Bonus Stage

The Secret Bonus Stage at VanaFest2010 came and went before we knew it, but it is by far the one part of the show that I am most asked about.  It was a section of VanaFest that was meant as an exclusive for the attendees, and as such, we were explicitly told that no photos could be taken during the movie.

In addition, as many of you now know, they followed up the teaser for Final Fantasy XIV with the announcement that all event-goers would be entered into the beta test, beginning with the alpha version of the game.  At that point, the usually subdued Japanese crowd absolutely exploded into applause and cheers.  Luckily, many loyal Final Fantasy XI fans may get the chance for such celebration as the Official VanaFest2010 Site states:

“With the eagerly anticipated FINAL FANTASY XIV drawing ever nearer its beta test phase, we are excited to announce that we will be conducting a closed alpha test—exclusive to our loyal FINAL FANTASY XI users!

Those who have been selected as beta testers can expect to receive further information starting from Monday, March 1.

* The tester website is scheduled to go live on Thursday, March 11.Those who were not selected in this drawing, fear not, for there will be other opportunities to come. Be sure to stay tuned!”

So, don’t worry!  There’s still hope!  In the meantime, let’s recap the exclusive video and see what the developers had to say after the show!

*Note: Pictures used in this article are from previous trailers.

** UPDATE: We regret to inform our community that the original article describing the trailer point by point has been removed at the request of Square Enix.

I’ll move on to the interview they held afterwards.  I apologize in advance, because the FFXIV portion is really small.

Translated from

— The attendees were presented as winners to enter the Final Fantasy XIV Alpha test and Beta test, but can you give us a specific date?

Tanaka: We will post a date on the official beta tester site March 11th.  We’re literally right in the middle of preparations and adjustments, but it should be right around that time.

— How long will the alpha test last?

Tanaka: As for the length of the test, we want to decide that based on the feedback we get from the users.

— When you made the FFXIV beta test announcement in the event hall, the audience let out this immense cheer of joy.  How did you feel about that reaction?

Komoto: I was so happy.  I actually got a little choked up. (laughs)

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