Another Hint at FFXIV on Xbox?

Less than a week ago we were reporting that FFXIV might be coming to Xbox because of a Linkedin profile. Just a few days before that, we reported that Amazon was taking pre-orders for FFXIV. Now what happens when those two stories have a baby? You guessed it. Amazon is now taking pre-orders for FFXIV on Xbox! Not much else to this story, but seems strange that Amazon would go to the trouble of adding a pre-order for the Xbox version without some information from Square Enix. Would they really go to the trouble and then have to issue tens of thousands of refunds? We’ll see. But for those Xbox owners out there – looks like you can now order the game! We’ve updated our new pre-order price tracking page as well with the info.

Update (2/13/10): As of yesterday Amazon has removed the Xbox option. Query whether Square Enix had something to do with that change.

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