Top 5 Reasons FFXIV Will Blow Other MMO’s Out of the Water!

Final Fantasy XIV has already exceeded expectations in popularity, ranking as the most anticipated MMORPG in many polls, and one of the most anticipated games of 2010..period. As the successor to Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV will already have a big fan base and will be able to correct a lot of things they did wrong in XI. Here are the top five reason FFXIV will BLOW other current and upcoming MMORPGs out of the water. (I’m looking at you WoW!)

5. Updated “Next Gen” Graphics

MMOs are coming to a turning point in graphics revolution where store-bought PCs can now handle graphics exceeding popular gaming systems. It’s to no surprise that a lot of MMORPGS will be left in the dust, and to Final Fantasy XIVs advantage we will see some of the best gaming graphics in any MMO ever created. The widest affect area of players will be the people coming from FFXI, in which the graphics have been outdated for over six years.

4. Immersive Story

Final Fantasy games are known for their story-lines and this game is no exception. Just like FFXI, the story in this game will take players to deeper levels of game play then your standard run-of-the-mill MMO. You can bet your subligers on it!

3. No EXP Leveling.

Since the dawn of time MMORPGs have used the XP system to induce level gain and commit players to killing things and doing quests. In Final Fantasy XIV however, they have abolished this system and replaced it with…weapons and armour. I Know what your thinking, all games have weapons and to some extent, armour. Final Fantasy XIV will incorporate your job, leveling, and basically everything else into what you wear in this game. The details haven’t been exact yet but its certainly a new idea from an aging repetitive system.

2. It’s not Wow.

Let me explain, WoW is the most popular title in the MMO world. Games before and after have all had basically the same infrastructure, and that’s what feeds into World of Warcraft’s vast popularity. I know if I wanna play an MMO with orcs, ogres, goblins and midevil themes running through it, I will probably pick WoW because of the player base. If I wanna play an MMO at all, I will pick WoW because every other MMO follows the same theme, but not to an extent WoW does, plus the player base. Maybe we need a game that’s 100% opposite. FFXI was a good start opposing the standard MMO, and to it’s success it still reigns one of the most played MMOs out. I’m sure Final Fantasy XIV will pick up the pace where FFXI left off making a totally unique experience that involves gamers in ways that they haven’t yet been introduced too.

1. It’s Final Fantasy.

The Final Fantasy franchise is the most widely recognized gaming franchise in the world, sporting some of the most played and best rated games ever produced. With it’s immersive stories, unique and standing traits, famous summons, monsters, characters and battle systems this game is sure to be great. What else can I say, people love FF, the lure of it is just intense. So weather you play RPGS, MMORPGS, or even Shooters (ff7 DoC) you can expect this game to be the best of the best.

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