FFXIV Beta Account Draw in FFXIII?

Hopefully this is some real news for everyone.

According to FF-Reunion (JP), FFXIII (Final Fantasy 13) will include a sheet which contains information of FFXIV Beta Accounts.

The picture on the right seems to be the sheet that came in the FFXIII box, but can’t be absolutely sure.

It seems like it will be random (Draw-Based). We’ll find out soon enough when we have our Lalafella go out and buy a box and scan the real thing

Thank you Chiasuka of Quetz for the tip!


Japanese initial release packages of FINAL FANTASY XIII include a Special Offer Campaign Code for FINAL FANTASY XIV. This code can be used in FINAL FANTSY XIV to obtain an In Game Secret Item.

Currently, there are no details regarding how this code will be used and what type of item the code will provide. Additionally, possible inclusion of this code in North American or European initial release versions of FINAL FANTASY XIII has not been determined at this time.

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