FFXIV “Design Your Own Quest” System!

The questing system in FFXIV will be utilizing something call “leaves” to customize your own quests. Think of it just a quest card, each card depicts a mission or a goal to achieve. It seems like they are trying to expand the quest system a little future than just text and instruction. Maybe the graphics or the art play a role in solving a quest?

From the translation in a BG post, it seems like the left-most card with the holy knight named Saint “Danofen” slaying a dragon. Labeled as “”Stalwart Bravery” on the bottom right, and is used to create a quest where you must defeat some fearsome monster. This seems like a “Kill NM Quest” category.

The middle card depicits a Saint “Toturu” Hunting rats. Labeled as “Diligence”, it was assigned a task of exterminating brothersome creatures and receive gratitude of others. This seems like a “Grinding monster” category.

The right most card shows Saint “Moorugin” forging a sword, The objective is to craft bows from branches for the benefit of fellow adventurers, seems like its a “Crafting Quest” category.

Here are other rumors regarding FFXIV.

A Shot of a Japanese magazine with FFXIV Game Information

•There’s going to be very little difference between race. Unlike FFXI
•Battles progress in real-time, and not action oriented. So moving around doesn’t make you evade more =P
•The Armory System allows a job/class change anywhere. Simply equipping a bow makes you a Ranger/Hunter, but equipping Sword/Shield makes you a tank. Only reason you can’t be everything is you can’t carry all equipment.
•1 Day Game Time = 1 Hour Earth Time, Still using Gil as currency
•FFXIV will also factor in casual players, where 1hr/day is good enough to enjoy the game.
Keep in mind that all these are purely rumors, we’ll update on the article as we find more details.

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