FFXIV Character Customization Scans

New scans revealing information and examples of the character customization of Final Fantasy XIV have surfaced over at FFXIV fansite FFXIVCore.

The talented community there has also gone ahead and translated the scans, so we have a bit of information on some of the customization options we can expect to see in Final Fantasy XIV when it launches sometime next year.

Rolling off some of the customization options, seasoned MMO vets are not likely to be impressed, but for the customization starved fans of FFXI who didn’t have much to work with, the information is likely to be received with cheers all around.

This time around players can expect to be able to customize their head/face with band aids, scars, hair color, eye color, facial hair, and facial patterns. Some level of body customization is also available as well, with skin tone changes being confirmed, and adjustments to chest and waist measurement hinted at.

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