Monopoly GO The Wheel Boost

Monopoly GO: Everything you need to know about the Wheel Boost

The Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO is still sought after, as players can use it to earn more bonuses in the game. In order to help players learn more about this event, here is everything you need to know about the Monopoly GO Wheel Boost.

What Is The Wheel Boost In Monopoly GO?

Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO is a time-limited event where players get to spin the color wheel twice whenever they land on a hotel of a completed property set. This double spin increases the chances of winning valuable rewards like sticker packs, dice, cash, and lockers, making it a highly anticipated event in the game.

When Is the Next Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO?

You’re not alone! Many players are eagerly waiting to find out. The scheduling of Wheel Boost events in Monopoly GO is not fixed and is typically announced close to the event’s start. These events usually last for 30 minutes and can occur multiple times a day or week, depending on the game’s event calendar.

To not miss out, it’s a good idea to follow Monopoly Go on their official social media accounts. This way, you’ll be among the first to know when a wheel boost is coming.

How To Use Wheel Boost Effectively In Monopoly GO?

As explained earlier, this boost is not rare and can appear several times a day. Based on this information, we thought it might be interesting to combine the Wheel Boost with other boosts to gain even more rewards.

First simple tip: don’t build until you’ve got a Wheel Boost. Indeed, building your village as you go along is clearly a waste of rewards, as you’ll gain almost nothing. If you wait for certain boosts, such as the Wheel Boost, you’ll be able to build a lot of villages during the boost, and thus gain a lot of wheel turns. In fact, if your board is full of hotels, it puts you right on the wheel, so you should wait until you’ve got enough money to build several villages, wait for a Wheel Boost, and then build everything. This tip applies to all the other tips I’m going to tell you about next.

Second tip: combine the Wheel Boost and Sticker Boom. In the wheel, you’re likely to come across decks of cards. And where there are cards, there’s Sticker Boom. The Sticker Boom gives you an extra 50 % of Monopoly Go Stickers. From this information, you can see that it can be very interesting to combine these two boosts to have a chance of getting many more cards than normal because you’ll earn 2 spins instead of one each time, and 50 % more cards if you land on card packs.

Third tip: Playing the Builder Rush and Wheel Boost is a very good strategy to implement. The Builder’s Rush event allows you to build your buildings up to -50 % cheaper than usual. So, if you’ve followed this correctly: you need to build as much as possible during the Wheel Boost, so if you add the Builder Rush, you’ll save your money, build more, and therefore have even more towers.

You now have all the information you need about the Monopoly Go Wheel Boost and know how to use it effectively and strategically.