Diablo 4 Gauntlet

Diablo 4 Gauntlet Explained

The highly anticipated new update, The Gauntlet, is set to release on March 5th for Diablo 4! This thrilling challenge invites players to prove their worth and fight their way to the top of the Leaderboards. Are you ready to dominate the competition and carve your place in history? This guide presents an in-depth look at what you can expect from this exciting new addition.

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Test Your Prowess in The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is located at the southwestern port of Gea Kul in Kehjistan. You can find the Horn of Trials at the longest dock, which can be activated to access The Gauntlet. It can be accessed on the Seasonal Realm after reaching World Tier 4. You do not need to be Level 100 to access The Gauntlet, but it is recommended, as monster levels will surpass level 100. Characters that have reached Level 100 will have the best chance of success in this high-stakes dungeon.

Players have 8 minutes to achieve the highest score possible to appear on the leaderboards. Loot will be rewarded at the end of the timer. You don’t have to worry about picking up loot on the way. After each run, the player obtains a minor cache of loot. Upon weekly reset, the player is rewarded with a Cache of Trials based on their best score in The Gauntlet.

Prove Your Might

In the Gauntlet dungeon, you can earn Proofs of Might by defeating enemies and opening chests. The more Proofs of Might you collect, the higher your rank will be. If you die in The Gauntlet, you will lose a third of your score each time you die. However, players and party members can recover all of the lost Proofs of Might at the place of their last death.

Combining ferocity, efficiency, and strategy will be essential to mastering the Gauntlet. Since the dungeon layout remains the same each week, it’s crucial to experiment with different routes and adjust your build to achieve optimal performance.

Seal Your Legend

As your score increases, you’ll rise through the ranks and earn Seals, marking your prowess in the Gauntlet for that week. There are four ranks of Seals to strive for, starting with the Seal of the Blooded and culminating in the prestigious Seal of the Worthy. The score required to earn each Seal will vary based on the layout of the Gauntlet and the class you’re playing.

Larger groups will have an easier time achieving higher scores. The highest-ranked players will earn a place on the Ladder Leaderboard, where their accomplishments will be recognized and celebrated.

Caches to Plunder

In your quest for Proofs of Might, you’ll also be rewarded with loot. After each run in the Gauntlet, you’ll receive a minor cache regardless of whether you’ve earned a Seal or not.

The higher your score, the better the Cache you’ll receive. Each Cache of Trials guarantees one Ancestral Legendary item, with higher-ranked Caches offering more powerful rewards. Those who earn the Seal of the Worthy will be granted the most coveted treasures, as items with level 925 power will drop exclusively for them.

Leaderboards and Hall of the Ancients

The Gauntlet offers multiple Leaderboards to showcase your achievements. They are separated into Ladders based on class, party size, normal, and hardcore playstyles.

For those seeking true glory, reaching the Top 100 of any ladder will earn you a prestigious Conqueror’s Crest Mount Trophy. But if you can make it into the Top 10 of any leaderboard, your name and character will be immortalized in the permanent Hall of the Ancients, where future adventurers can marvel at your legendary performance.