The Time Trails Locations Guide for Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite challenges have grow to be a typical weekly function for players to finish and provides them the possibility to earn bonus XP to speed up their Battle Pass progress.

The Time Trails Locations Guide for Fortnite Season 6

Every time trial is represented by a floating stop-watch and also you then go up to it and activate the time trial to start. It then involves running a course and reaching each timer before they run out and it might generally involve generating ramps to reach particular timers. Right here are the places exactly where you may locate the week three timed trials.

There’s a time trial in the villain’s hideout near Snobby Shores.

The hill south of Tilted Towers includes a time trial.

A time trial could be found at Tomato Temple.

The hill west of Dusty Divot also includes a time trial.

There’s a time trial close to the bridge which is south of Shift Shafts.

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