POE 3.3 Builds For Lastest and Detailed Shadow Ascendant Totems

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[POE 3.3 Ranged Attack Totem Assistance Build]Elemental MoM RATs, Endgame viable, Barrage & Tornado Shot Totems – Shaper Down!

– Basic gear is very cheap (works on 5 link)
– Can do any map mod
– Totems do all the damage so you can focus on dodging/surviving
– Good clear and single target damage

– Lategame gear gets a little more expensive
– Slower mapping due to using totems
– Can be kind of hard to level

Leveling Guide:
For the first acts, you can just run with the self-cast split arrow and self-cast barrage until you reach ~level 20 from in which on you can use Skirmish and switch to totem only by skilling Ancestral Bond. Just start using the gems from the gem section as soon as you can.

Using a Quillian and Tabula makes early game much easier/faster. When you feel like not doing enough damage anymore get a cheap 5 or 6 link bow from PoE.Trade (Filter by bow and a minimum of 5 links, put the maximum you want to spend (e.g. 10c) and sort by DPS).

Pick up Rain of Splinter ASAP and watch out to get one with minimal reduced damage. When you get Skirmish, pick one up with the additional arrow corruption as they are pretty cheap.

Pathfinder > Path of the Ranger > Hierophant

Kill all and take the two passives

Soul of Ryslatha for more life recovery from flasks.
Soul of Solaris for more defense. (Don’t need Brine King because Kiaras Determination makes us stun immune.)

Place your totems and spam all your flasks. With the movement speed from boots, helmet, and Rotgut you are pretty fast and need to use Blink Arrow only for obstacles or if you are stuck. Because of the ascendancy and all the flask notes from the tree, you should have Charged all the time.
Make sure your mana stays as full as possible.

If you can’t defeat a boss because your totems die, try placing them differently. Place one to the left and one to the right, so they can’t be attacked at the same time or place all 4 in front of the enemy and then blink arrow behind them and replace 2 totems there.

Use tornado shot for clearing and place a barrage totem if there are some tougher mobs like red beasts. Use barrage against bosses without ads. When they spawn ads, use one or two tornadoes shot totems. Always place the totems next to the boss so you get the maximum Point Blank bonus. If the boss moves, replace the totems.

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/VmKGZXbU
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ybzvw57r
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2124648


[POE 3.3 Shockwave Totem Build]Fiery Shockwaves, Totems Galore (HC/SC, cheap, beginner-friendly)

This chick can cast up to four Shockwave Totems and is making use of Avatar of Fire, Hrimsorrow, and Cold to Fire assistance to achieve 100% Physical to Fire Damage conversion. Because of its very high health pool and safe and sound play style, this creates may appeal especially to beginners.

It’s a Totem create
Tanky as Phook (8k+ HP, lots of regen and Totem leech)
Harmless & lazy play style

It’s a Totem create
Not a DPS “multi-millionaire”
Elemental reflect map mod is a pain and better be avoided unless you want to sacrifice a blue gem for Minion/Totem Resistances.

Hierophant (extra Totem, Arcane Surge)
Chieftain (Totem Leech to us, Life Regeneration, Ash debuff)
Path of the Marauder (for more Life) or Path of the Templar (for more Spell/Elemental Damage) … the call is yours

Help Oak (1% Life Regeneration, 20% increased Physical Damage) or kill them all (2 passive skill points), the choice is yours but I recommend Oak.

Soul of Lunaris (major)
Soul of Tukohama (minor)
These are more like a personal preference, others can be useful on occasion as well.

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/SVmHhYhN
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y9xthtcj
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2103625