What Do You Expect In The Next PoE League

In Path of Exile, Abyss is really cool due to how it blew the old meta wide open with the changes and now you could really make any hipster build work with enough abyss jewels. I mean, Brightbeak glacial hammer is a thing. And enough path of exile orbs is important for you.

Now that we had leagues like breach, harbinger and abyss, where the machanics are all quite similar (monsters spawning out of somewhere). What would you like to see in the next league? Would you guys rather have a more crafting/theory based league like essence? Or have a more combat oriented league like the three mentioned above? Or would you enjoy a whole new concept more – if so what would it be?

Path of Exile

I for one enjoyed combat based leagues more and the rewards at the end just makes it the much more satisfying. Perhaps a league with a new mechanic like a dungeon where each zone gets progressively harder? And the value of the rewards are determined by the difficulty of the zone?

And what about you? Different players have different opinions. Some players would really enjoy another poe currency driven league like Perandus. Some players would like a league with boss zones that you farm endlessly for items. Right now PvM clearspeed is king as far as returns per hour, with many just skipping bosses at the end of the map.

Some players would like to see zones you open right at the entrance of a boss room that you are meant to farm over and over similar to Mephisto runs from D2. Importantly they should have some reason to farm endlessly, providing both a rare drop of a powerful item, and have a 50-100% chance to drop a fragment/splinter that is collected to enter an Uber boss zone. This zone must be done deathless (one portal allowed) but has potential for some serious wealth and poe items.

Leagues can be an interesting tool to test planned expansion content or possible balance changes. Harbinger and essence for instance tested giving us tools to smooth out early gearing. You could also argue that Warbands/Mayhem/Turmoil investigated providing incentives for players to alter mapping habits. Constantly rolling in league mechanics is starting to make the game feel bloated.