FFXIV: Beginning Class Influence Which One Of The 3 Great Cities


Final Fantasy XIV means a lot to most of players, when playing MMORPGs – or any kind of co-op video game – was a particularly good way of spending time together when you couldn’t do so in the real world. Characters can do all the classes and you are only limited by your motivation to level the class you want. Stormblood is the second expansion in the Final Fantasy XIV franchise. The franchise itself is a story-driven MMORPG. Concerning more news and details, source from here.

Final Fantasy XIV

Beginning class influence which one of the 3 great cities you start in, so have this in mind if you want to start playing with friends who won’t have the same classes as you. The job/class system is simple: you have a base class. Disciples of War/Magic classes evolves into jobs at lvl 30, the definitive job add very specific mechanics to a class without changing too much the base gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIV is a good game to play with a significant other, it facilitates it more than most, with stuff like tandem mounts and the recruit-a-friend system, and it rarely feels like a waste of time to playing with someone who isn’t on the same level as you when they’re just starting out. When you level a job at a lower level than your primary, you get a 100% XP bonus for that job. The Main Story Quests are generally enough to level your first job and will unlock more side quests.

FFXIV is a story-driven game. This means that throughout your whole FFXIV experience there will be a main story that you will follow throughout the whole game, and its two expansions. No matter which city you spawn in, you will need to report to the Adventurer’s Guild. Upon completing the first few quests you will be able to see and meet other players in the city. Are you now trying to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil? FFXIV4Gil is your first option.