FFXIV The Team Is Already Working On Adding More Plots For Patch 4.2


The development team of Square Enix have taken player feedback on board and really listened to the community. With the come of FFXIV new patch, the recently-released new hardcore content – the unending coil of Bahamut. In this article, we will reveal exclusive FFXIV interview with Yoshida, he elaborated a series of details of the upcoming patch 4.2. For more updates, latest news, images, to get more information through here.

Final Fantasy XIV

Naoki Yoshida:
I first want to apologize to all of the players and free companies who were unable to purchase land and to whom we caused a lot of stress due to the shortage of housing plots. The development team is already working on adding more plots for Patch 4.2, but we are also planning to introduce new processes to the plot purchase specifications.

Naoki Yoshida:
We do not have any plans to introduce new Disciples of the Hand and Land at the moment. We feel there are already a wide variety of crafting and gathering classes available to players, and there is a high possibility that any new classes would only fill a lesser role in comparison to the current classes.

Naoki Yoshida also stated that we have designed the game in a way that entices players to strive for high item level weapons or equipment, or enjoy the aspect of leveling up with our content updates. One of the aims that we have when releasing differing types of content is to find out what the player sentiment and trends are. As it turned out, you will put less effort into constantly buying cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil at FFXIV4Gil.