FFXIV & Fan Festival in Frankfurt: The Samurai As A New Job

As a new job in Stormblood, however, the fantasy MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV really acquires the samurai, Square Enix announced at the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, as anticipated, that the samurai as a new job, and it soon to be come Final Fantasy in June, Final Fantasy XIV more latest news, you can head over to www.ffxiv4gil.com.


The Following Is Samurai And The New Job In Final Fantasy

The samurai will be a melee DPS class, the “Katana” is used as a weapon, the job starts at level 50. The samurai will be able to deal with serious damage. He also uses techniques like “Iai” (Iaidō), the traditional Japanese “way of sword pulling.” Techniques of the “Sen” like “Setsu” (snow), “Getsu” (moon) and “Ka” (flower) are also used Role-play. The samurai can store energy in his katana, then unleash it in special attacks. Above we have embedded the first animations of the samurai in a short trailer.

The Futher Introduction Of Final Fantasy XIV
The job quest will start in Eorzea
Timing will play an important role in his attacks
director “Sam Raimi” whose name resembles Samurai
The samurai has no class from which it is directly dependent
He will use the same armor that the monk is keen on – that is, Str-Gear
Naoki Yoshida has actually played with the Spiderman T-shirt on the Spiderman
Naoki Yoshida has presented the samurai in this outfit, but you need courage.