TIPS and TRICKS to Heavensward levelling to 60

1) Unlock flying for the zone ASAP. Helps you avoid annoying quests and terrain. In general, each zone has 15 aether currents; 10 on map, 5 from quests. Out of the 5 from quests, 4 are usually from side quests and 1 from main scenario quest.



The final zone only has 5 aether currents; all 5 from main scenario quest.

Another benefit of unlocking flying for the zone would be when you’re higher level. For example, at level 56 you’ll be given quests at Western Coerthas Highlands, some of which requires flying to complete.

2) Do clan mark bills for extra XP. There are 3 grades of daily hunt marks which unlock at levels 53, 56 and 59. Each clan mark bill has 5 marks, each mark rewards you about 18k-34k XP for killing 1-3 monsters. Plus, you get centurio seals too.

Lv 53 – One-star Clan Mark Bills (daily) – 23,040 XP / mark
Lv 56 – Two-star Clan Mark Bills (daily) – 28,800 XP / mark
Lv 59 – Three-star Clan Mark Bills (daily) – 34,560 XP / mark

3) Look out for sightseeing vistas, especially when you have a flying mount. Vistas have a “sparkle” similar to “lootable quest items on floor”. Sightseeing log rewards about 18k XP. Based on the vistas I’ve ran into so far, most are really predictable, e.g. on top of a building or statue high up in the sky.

4) The new dungeons give a lot of XP.. grinding dungeons probably the fastest way to level? really boring though..

5) Do daily trial roulette for XP + bonus XP. Challenge logs give good XP too.. Commend 5 people for XP? yes please!

6) Don’t forget about job quests to unlock new skills. Those give decent amounts of XP too!!

7) There are other small little things that help too such as always eating food for 3% EXP bonus, summoning chocobo out to help with DPSing, using chocobo porter to travel, etc.

EXTRA: If you’re fate grinding, North Thanalan fates give similar if not more XP compared to Western Coerthas fates. They’re also much easier to do. Probably gonna be patched soon so do it while you can :p