The Checklist about Player’s Goals before FFXIV Heavensward

We only have a few weeks left before launch and I’m curious – what is everyone up to? We collect some of the answers from different kinds of ffxiv forum and blog ,we got different answers from different players ,Here we make a checklist, so now let’s go over it!




1.I would like to get my character to 50 in at least one class, since I just started. Beyond that, I’m taking my time and enjoying the content and I will get to the new stuff when I get there.

2.1).Clean out my retainers so i can fill them with more crap in 3 weeks
2).Get some steps done on whm relic, though finishing isn’t needed.
3).Buy stock in monster and red bul
4).Get my fc in order to the point where every groups got its shit sorted out. Though someday’s that’s like herding cats given their lack of willingness to use the tools provided so I can help them.

3.I have a “to do” list:
1)Get new main (Monk) to 50.
2)Do Ixali dailies religiously to get DoHs up.
3)Use all rested exp on DoL classes.
4)Do Mog, Levi, Shiva, Ramuh, Urth’s, Ultima, Titan and Ifrit EX
5)Finish Hildibrand.

4.Get WAR to 50 (last non-50 class), which is at 32. I despise tanking. Also getting the last 2 ponines, Ramuh and Shiva.

5.Get the Dreadwyrm Axe and help a friend beat T13.
Though really, I have nothing left to do in FFXIV. Can’t be bothered levelling up my Crafters and all my battle Jobs are 50. I don’t really enjoy the current “Expert” dungeons, so I refuse to farm those outside of Roulette and the elemental horses are ugly to me (I also have the Astral to Umbral soundtrack, so the horses playing their respective Primal themes aren’t a selling point to me), so I’ve not farmed EX Primals much at all… unless a friend wants me to assist them.

6.remaining goals:
1) kill ramuh ex
2) kill shiva ex
3) finish atleast monk nexus weapon (almost done with alexandrite)
4) black mage to 50 (currently 38)
5) fisher to 50 (currently 20)

7.Trying to down T9, but I don’t think its going to happen. The part with the dragons shooting ice and fire is just panic inducing – there’s too much going on. I hardly ever get to that part, and I’ve never got to divebombs so I can be knocked into the firewall just for the experience of it.

8.Try to get in a party where you’re using some sort of VOIP with someone who knows what’s going on. Having someone calling out each fire out, lightning out, fire in, spread out for supernovae, group for thermionic beam, etc. makes it a lot easier. And assuming you have a divebomb marker, those are easy–first person with it goes to A, second person to B.

9.Get my last pony, get gaius, vaan, moogle king, Terra and Bartz cards, and whatever others I can get (70/80) fish big fishes, 43 left. Beat savage t9 then t8 with my team, hmmm… I guess get all current miner achievements too would be nice

10.I still have a few things that I want to do:
1)Get my alt ready for the expansion.
2)Beat T13.
3)Get miner to 50.
4)Get a second crafting class to 50 (probably WVR).
5)Not be poor on ffxiv gil.
Farm FCoB with my alt classes to learn them better

Wish all of you complete your golds and enjoy yourself in coming heavensward!