The convenient way to get safe ffxiv gil

  ffxiv gil cheap

The answer to this question depends to some extent on when you want the Gil and the approach you use to play the game. Every one will have their own ideas. My approach is as follows:

1.Buy ffxiv gil from the online shop
First, the easiest and fastest way is buying FFXIV GIL from the online shop. You only need to make sure the website is safe for your money. is one choice for you if you need to get GIL who offers a nice and safe service.

2.Be a business man in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR.
The business men are the richest people in the world, no matter in the real world or game world. If you have that talent, you can be a business man. It’s a nice role in MMO game but it will take your time to learn how the economy is running in the virtual world, and the judgment of the items price going.So it’s a technical job.

3.Take the tasks in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.
This is the first way people earns ffxiv gil from NPC. You only need to finish the missions given by NPC. It is the most important way, especially be a new player in Final Fantasy game.

4.Kill the boss with your friends.
When your character is strong enough, you can take a adventure with your friend and finish you trip by kill the boss, you can get some gil, equipments and share them with your friends.It’s the most amusing thing in MMO game. Fighting with your best friend and sharing your experience. You can make lots of friends in this.

Any MMO will provide many raw materials for players. And it’s a nice way to collect the materials and sell them to other players who need to improve themselves.It will take you much time, and you’d better finish this job by yourself alone. You know this job likes a farmer’s, you can get more materials and high efficiency without other people around you. And it will take you very much time if you want to be a professional guy and living on this in Final Fantasy.