Buy Safe FFXIV Gil to Get FC Housing

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FC Housing finally came out during the long expected on patch 2.1.The FFXIV Patch 2.4 is coming on the way ,but the current pricing of housing is simply mind boggling for the vast majority of population with less FFXIV Gil. Almost all players think the pricing is a bit ridiculous, only the very minority of players would accept the pricing of the small and medium housing. Today, some small and medium houses have already lied in game, and the houses’owners, members of FC were dancing around to celebrate, who looked so happy and excited. For the players who don’t have FFXIV Gil to donate to their FC and don’t want to stand out in the falling snow, cold and homeless, neither want to spend time to farm Gil nor have means to get Gil, if you never buy Gil before, it is necessary to learn about the ways how to buy safe FFXIV Gil.

First of all, to grasp the way to distinguish scammers from large numbers of sites. Before you decide to buy Gil, you should google the site’s review, check some reviews from there, you will find bad reviews about possible scammers from other buyers who had been scammed by the site. So, not buy from the site is your right choice. By this way, you will find legit sites. If you still fear that they cant deliver you Gil in time, you require them to show a screenshot with Gil amount while you meet them.

Second, if you are afraid that your account get banned after you buy Gil, you and seller need to pretend to be normal players. The way that face to face trade with leveled characters with normal name, trading Gil and item at the same time, is the safest .

These two ways will perfectly keep you away from scammers and risk transaction. After buying safe FFXIV Gil, you donate it to your FC, then you and your FC members will have a merry starlight celebration inside your new beautiful house, maybe with seasonal decorations and the company of your friends to celebrate happily.