How to make much money for FFXIV patch 2.4 release

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The golden rule of getting rich MMOs is “consumables = $”.If you want to get much money in FFXIV. There are 2 professions that will make you rich garenteed even if there are a lot of them there will always be more demand then supply. Alchemy and cooking.

Alchemy – 2 major reasons for this making a lot of money
1- potions (big surprise) but what alot of people dont know and alot of people were quite about during beta are the status removing potions and how the later ones are EXTREMELY valuble (Some of us know already these will be a HUGE profit because for some fights they are absolutely necessary and the mats are rare off MOBS)

2 – makes summoner weapons… when the game goes live there will be more arcanists running around then you ever saw deathknights in wow. there will be a SUPER high demand for their weapons.

Cooking – FOOD
People will always be wanting food. its not just stats. All food as EXP bonuses on it and high end food as more. the realy good food is hard to make as the material is rare for them. Some of the mobs that drop them are almost unsoloable. well unsoloable for all classes other then archers/brd and thurg/blm
If you wanna be able to make the best food and farm up the rarest mats I suggest you pick one of the 2 best kiters in the game which are Archer/bard (the best and you will hear BSers talk on here saying they cant do that anymore with the changes its a lie they can they just want less people to play them) and thrg/Blm. Other classes can get the job done too but nowhere nearly as fast as those 2 especially archer.

A glad will kill one of these mobs in about the time a archer has killed 4/5 and remember there are only so many spawns. There is no magical place that has tons of them. You WILL be waiting on respawns later in the game.

ALSO at said late game farming for mats off mobs which are for BOTH cooking and alchemy. There is another HUGE factor for farming mobs others will be there for. TAGGING RIGHTS. a Archer will be able to get tag rights faster and more often then ANY OTHER JOB CLASS ! Blm has the advantage of AoE farming its a lot trickier and takes more work then a archer but has HUGE payoffs in certain areas.

If you wanna get rich for ffxiv gil there it is ! Someone just said what you wanted to know and its 100% true no matter what anybody says beyond this point GL and enjoy.