NEW STORY IN PATCH 2.4:Main Scenario and Hildibrand Preview

FFXIV has officially introduced us the story of sinister events set to unfold in the main scenario, and the latest capers of the renowned gentleman hero, Hildibrand in today’s patch 2.4 preview.

Main Scenario
– Main Scenario – Dreams of Ice
The aches of the realm never cease, and Alphinaud, Scion of the Seventh Dawn, has founded the Crystal Braves in a bid to grant her succor.In their tireless efforts to protect Eorzea and her peoples, the Warriors of Light now aid this fledgling company in uncovering a plot that could otherwise bring the realm to its knees. What dark forces stir in the shadows of Eorzea?
– Hildibrand, Agent of Enquiry
When we last saw Hildibrand─agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire─the phantom thief had once again eluded his grasp. With talk of a tournament to be held in Ul’dah, however, it is all but certain where the fiend will strike next. Will our heroes thwart their quarry’s dastardly Coliseum scheme? Will a Manderville man rise to claim the title of champion? Join Hildibrand and Nashu on their next case to find out!– The Dragon’s Neck

The air in the Coliseum is electric as the contenders enter the arena for the final confrontation. On this grand stage, the Warrior of Light─savior of the realm and champion of the people─squares off against the eccentric, eight-legged Ultros and his formidable friend. When blades clash with wriggling limbs, who will emerge victorious?