ArcheAge mounts and transportation in the ArcheAge

AA Map

ArcheAge offers players a vast world to explore and conquer, arid deserts, tropical shores, forbidding mountains peaks you can travel. In order to get around in ArcheAge by land and sea, even in the air, ArcheAge transportation is very important for you. Transportation refers to a way of travelling across the world of ArcheAge. Do you know how many kinds of ArcheAge mounts and transportation in the ArcheAge online game?

Flying transportation: Airships, Ally’s Wings
Land / Sea transportation: Skateboards
Land race mounts: Lilyut Horses, Snow Lion, Elk, Leomorph
Land mounts / transportation: Yatta, Donkey, Sled Cow, Bloodstock, Farm Wagon, Vehicles
Sea transportation: Warships, Fishing Boat, Merchant Ship, Dolphin, Red Submarine

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