How Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s World Transfer Service Works

Many players have been exploring Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but unfortunately, not all players have been able to share their adventures with friends after being restricted from joining over-crowded servers. Producer Naoki Yoshida shared some good news for those wishing to play in other worlds.

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According to Yoshi-P, the World Transfer Service will launch sometime within the next two weeks. While this service will require a fee later on, to make up for any inconveniences, for the first five days Square Enix will allow players to move to a different server for free. Due to the overwhelming amount of players, they will also be enhancing the existing servers and are expected to add new ones to help alleviate server congestion.

Those who wish to change Worlds, whether it’s because they like the name of another server or they just want to play with friends who happen to be on different server, will be able to soon. However, there will also be a few rules to it before the migrating takes place.For now, you’ll be restricted to transferring from one world to another, at a time. You’ll be able to move up to eight characters in one move, as long as they’ll all be going to the same server.

For example, if you wish to move character 1 and 2 from World A, to Worlds B and C, it will require two transfers.There will also be additional requirements that characters must meet prior to moving to another World 1.Must not be part of a Free Company.2.Must be logged out at the moment of transfer.3.Must not have any items in the market.4.Players may be limited to how much Gil they can carry over.

If a character has the same name as yours on the server you’re joining, they will have priority over the name, and you’ll be required to make a change. Joining an already over-crowded server might be more difficult to login during peak hours, due to its restriction of 8,000 simultaneous online players per server, for the time being.The reason they’re limiting the amount of Gil you can carry over, is to help fight against RMTs (Real Money Traders). The limit has not been announced as of yet, but Yoshi-P urges players to first look at the limited amount prior to moving servers on buy cheap ffxiv gil .

Again, choosing which server a group of friends decide to join are completely up to them, but Yoshida also suggests looking at which Worlds are crowded prior to making a choice, in order to further avoid login issues during peak hours. Square Enix will be providing a list of populated servers sometime soon